New Name, Same Story

If you have followed my blog for a while, you’ll notice that it has undergone a little facelift over the past couple of weeks, including the adoption of a new name.

Allow me to explain.

I began my personal blog back in 2014 as a means of mass communication with friends and family while I participated in the four-month Metro World Child internship programme in New York City.  It was a simple means through which I could not only share information of my time ministering in Brooklyn and the Bronx, but it also provided me with a chance to convey my personal reflections and lessons learned through that life-changing experience.  The blog grew in popularity and I was so encouraged by all the positive feedback I received.

But then I returned to ‘normality’ and the blog was abandoned.

During that silent period, God performed open-heart surgery on me and initiated a change in me that would become the catalyst for my biggest challenge yet: moving to Germany.  As the pieces of the jigsaw began to fall into place, I resurrected my blog and began to share, once again, my own reflections of my journey of faith and the challenges and experiences He uses to teach me and shape me.

And now that nearly a year has passed since I took that huge step of faith to move to Germany; now that I begin to settle into what has become my new ‘normal’, I recognise that my blog posts have, once again, grown more infrequent.

Though, at heart, I will always be the Titian with a Mission (and for the sake of clarity, titian is the shade of my red hair, named after the Italian painter whose work featured many women with my same colouring; pronounced tish-uhn), it is time to walk the Unrivaled Road God has set out before me.

While my personal experiences and testimonies will continue to fuel the inspiration for future blog posts, my heart is to inspire and encourage every individual to press into the purposes that God calls us to and to live full and abundant lives.

I will be collaborating with others who share a similar vision to promote the Passion and Mission of The Unrivaled Road with the hope that many more people will respond positively to God’s voice and take steps of obedience to walk in the way He calls them to.

I hope you will continue to walk this journey with me.


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