Book Synopsis: Adventure Awaits

Move beyond the conventional pattern of a twenty-first-century Christian, into a rich and fruitful faith adventure. Adventure Awaits meets the reader wherever they are currently at in their faith journey and guides them through practical steps, supported by biblical illustrations and personal testimonies, equipping them with the tools to boldly step into the fullness of life that God promises in His Word.

In Adventure Awaits, readers are encouraged to lift their eyes above their own, personal circumstances and seek to gain a Kingdom perspective. What if manifesting our own desires is not God’s priority in what He wants to bring about in our current reality? The reader is invited into a greater understanding of the love, the sovereignty, and the omnipotence of God.

​Having broadened their understanding of who God is, the reader is challenged to surrender daily to the will of God—whatever that may look like—and trust His commands, trust His ways, and trust His timing. With every step of obedience taken, the reader will grow in their relationship with God, grow in their faith, and grow in their courage to surrender every facet of life to God’s will. God is already at work in each of our lives, but a surrendered heart will gift us the ability to better perceive it. Readers will​ leave inspired and empowered to fully depend on God, no matter what circumstances they face, and allow Him to use them as a powerful tool in the extension of His Kingdom.

Format: Paperback (188 pages)

Publisher: Sacristy Press

Date of Publication: 15th June 2020

ISBN: 978-1-78959-106-4


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